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Swehla/Svehla Family Newsletter

Violet's wish

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Violet's wish
What is a Swehla/Svehla?
Memories of Immigration
First Swehla farmsteads in Iowa
Swehla Family Tree
Reunion 2004
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Letter to the Editor
Our Swehla Children's Artwork


Viola's was the daughter of Elizabeth Svehla. Viola said her mother was mentally disturbed and because of the problems she caused, Viola wanted to do  work on the Swehla family history for the benefit of the descendants.
She tried very hard to complete a huge family record of the Swehla's...their ancestry and descendants. She send out material to relatives everywhere and hoped and prayed that they would pass it on to their children and so on, so the children wouldn't be lonely in this world.

Editor-Lynn Kimball