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Swehla/Svehla Family Newsletter

What is a Swehla/Svehla?

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What is a Swehla/Svehla?
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First Swehla farmsteads in Iowa
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What is a Swehla/Svehla?
Welcome to the Swehla/Svehla family. There's always room for one more, here! I have something special for you if you stick around. I'll introduce you to brothers, mothers, cousins,daughters, sisters, aunts, uncles, sons, fathers and hero's. I have collected not to mention, husbands and wives past and present, willing and unwilling!! There may even be gender and race not quite indentified yet!
This story will have no ending, and it has no beginning, so we are stuck right in the middle. So it will be there that I begin my written account, alittle before we came in, at the end of the beginning of the middle.
The first person to put their memories on paper was Frantisek Joseph Svehla b.1845. Son of Frantisek Josef and Alzbeta Moudra Svehla. As he said, the best memory is fact recorded. Black and White "Cerne  na Bilem".
He wrote about his life in the old country as a child after the death of his mother and the ocean voyage that bought them to this place called Spillville, Iowa.
The story begins in a time that seems unreal to us, early nineteeth century...1850's. The place Southern Bohemian town called Albrechtice, two cousins Frantisek Josef and Frantisek Svehla. To avoid confusion between the two cousins, I will refer to Frantisek as Frank.

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